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MIT Group Holdings

MIT Group Holdings Pty Ltd is a member of the Ghale Group of companies who has diverse operations within Australia and overseas. The core business within the group comprises largely of commercial and hotel properties. The group has been developing first rate commercial properties since 2002 and currently hold a portfolio in excess of AUD $500m. Their portfolio boasts an excellent mix of retail, hotels and offices located in prime locations across Melbourne, Sydney and overseas.


Elenberg Fraser

Elenberg Fraser - not your average architecture firm. An integrated design practice operating across the Asia-Pacific region, our buildings prove that good designs leads to economic, social and cultural benefits. The outcome is sensory - architecture that people can feel, not just see architecture that makes people think, acknowledging the origins of architecture and its plethora of influences, both ancient and modern. Through interrogation, invention and collaboration, we produce experiential spaces that demand reaction. Elenberg Fraser. Feel the difference.


Sinclair Brook

Sinclair Brook is a specialist real estate development group that provides development management, project management, advisory and construction management services. At the heart of Sinclair Brook is a commitment to genuine partnerships and a passion for creating and delivering quality projects.

The team comprises highly experienced and highly regarded professionals in their respective fields, with expertise in acquisitions, structured property finance, construction, real estate development and project management. This expertise, coupled with trusted relationships with private investors, major developers, construction firms, financial institutions and designers, has allowed Sinclair Brook to develop innovative approaches to forming, enhancing, structuring and delivering over $6 billion in real estate development projects since its inception in 2004.

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